Restore Process


You work hard to ensure that your hardwood floors look beautiful, but over time, the finish is slowly removed by the friction of daily foot traffic in the home. If the necessary steps to properly maintain them are not met, eventually bare wood will be exposed requiring a complete refinish. Every few years floors can be restored to maintain their protective layer.

The floor is vacuumed and damp mopped. Bona Remover is applied to floors and buffed in. This removes all contaminants from floor surface. Hard to reach areas are lightly hand sanded. Bona Deep Clean Machine is used to clean and rinse floors. The entire process is repeated before a premium coat of Bona Traffic finish is applied.



The most effective way to protect and rejuvenate your floors. Deep cleans and removes old contaminants known to cause finish adhesion issues, such as acrylic polishes, waxes, oil soaps, over-spray from furniture cleaners/dusters, and any other contaminants. Gives tired or worn hardwoods a fresh new look.